Spring Race Series

For those new to the club our spring series takes advantage of parkrun. There are six races in the series to be completed, using the same scoring as xc and now our road race grand prix.
Anyone who dosen’t take place in a race will be awarded 50 points, and the top 5 performances are counted i.e. you can miss one race and not be penalised for it.
The winner is the male and female runner with the least points. If no-one completes the six races a minimum of four is needed to stay in the competition. Rules are that you need to wear your Saltwell vest and your time is recorded. Therefore anyone taking part will need to register with parkrun (a simple, fast and free process).
Current Standings
This year’s spring series will be:
Sat 11 April – Newcastle

Sat 18 April – Gateshead

Sat 25 April – South Shields

Sat 2 May – Riverside

Sat 9 May – Blackhill

Sat 16 May – Sunderland