Rob’s freezing Arctic adventure


Rob Brooks is at it again. Back doing Spine races, and this time it’s in the Arctic!

The Montane Arctic Spine Race is a 293 mile foot-race along the Kungsleden Trail in Sweden, where temperatures drop to -35C. You can read the full story from Saltwell’s king of ultras on his own blog:

Arctic Spine Race 2024

It’s an incredible read and here’s a short extract to pique your interest:

I’m lying face down on the ground under 3 feet of snow, it’s -30 degrees Celsius and I’m unable to move.

Moments before I had been descending from the Tjäktja Pass on cross country ski’s pulling a pulk behind me. I was fully in control and everything was going well… until it wasn’t. Until I built up to a speed I wasn’t able to control, lost control and fell face forward into the deep snow.

My pulk was still attached to me and now thanks to gravity and the steep terrain was pinning me to the ground.

To complicate the situation further my skis were both still attached to my feet and also buried under the snow and the pulk, preventing any movement of my legs.

Welcome to the Arctic Spine, a 293 mile race along the Kungsleden Trail in Swedish Lapland in the depths of winter.