Legacy Series

Each year we organise four internal club races that comprise the Legacy Series. With two handicapped races, the overall Legacy Series winners could be anyone!

The 3 mile race is an open handicap, with the 4-miler using a closed handicap system. Both of these races, as well as the 10k, start and finish near Gateshead Leisure Centre.

The final race in the series is the St James' Mile, which takes place on the running track at Gateshead International Stadium.

Members are required to wear their club vests for all the races.

COVID & 2020 Legacy Series Races

Due to COVID-19 the 2020 Club Legacy Series has been cancelled.

However, as a one-off series, members will be able to run each of the four Legacy races individually, within a two-week window for each race.

Members will only be able to post one attempt for each race. Times need to be posted/emailed before 12 midnight on 14 Sept, 28 Sept, 12 Oct and 26 Oct to be included in the results.

2019 10k Photos