Return to Training


The committee and coaches have been working hard to re-start our training sessions – keeping within Government and UKA guidelines. As you can imagine there have been several hoops we, as a club, and you as members, have had to jump through. And with all that in mind we feel comfortable and able to bring back training as of Tuesday 1 September 20.

We have had to set up on line booking for our sessions and will be using the online booking website Bookwhen.

Members: Please refer to the link in the email sent on 27 August to book your place.

So the rules/instructions/nasty bit – what you can and can’t do:

  • Before you can attend any training session you will need to reply to the Health Questionnaire – if we do not receive your reply YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TRAIN. The email has already been sent out – if you did not receive it please let me know and I will re-send. If you still book a session it will be cancelled if you have not replied to the questionnaire. If you turn up you will be turned away (coaches will have a list of those who have booked for their group and have hit all criteria).
  • There is a booking window from Thursday 7 pm until Sunday 7 pm for each session.  You will only be able to one week at a time. There will not be the facility to pre-book weeks in advance.
  • When booking please reply to all questions. These are mandatory fields that need completing – in line with UKA guidelines – if these are not completed you will not be able to train.
  • You need to make sure you book for the correct group – although you will be able to amend your booking there will be a cut off date/time.
  • Each group will be limited to a specific number of members that can attend.  Once the limit has been reached a waiting list will be created. If a space comes available the next person on the list will be emailed – they will have one hour to reply and book the space. If after an hour there is no reply Bookwhen will automatically move onto the next person on the list and will continue until the place has been filled.
  • All groups will be meeting at separate locations – details given on Bookwhen – please make sure you go straight to your meeting place – no earlier than 5 mins before the start time. Once you have finished training please do not hang about to chat.
  • May I suggest you bring your telephone and hand sanitiser, where possible.
  • Please note that we as a club will adhere to all Government/UKA guidelines and will not hesitate to take the necessary steps if members do not. We will be monitoring everything very closely to keep all members safe and will have no hesitation in cancelling groups/sessions/taking action against members.

If you have any questions/queries/comments or complaints can you please contact the club by email only.

And finally, most importantly: ENJOY YOUR TRAINING SESSION!!!