Fellsman, Everest, dodgy selfy – Save the Children


I’m raising money for Save the Children, specifically for Nepalese babies and youngsters (did you see the footage on Sports Relief? – very poinient).


……..but, when raising money, one usually has to do stuff so here we go – three things:


1.     On 26th April (next week eek) ,me and a few chums are running the Fellsman Challenge. That’s 61 non-stop miles, total of 11000 feet ascent in hopefully less than 19 hours (we have 36 hrs to complete it)


2.     On 24th September, me and a few different chums are trekking up to Everest Basecamp (spot the Nepal connection!). Once there, we will be building a stage and putting on a comedy show (to be televised hopefully in early 2015). As I’m not very funny, I’ll mostly be making up the small audience numbers however, I’ll also be videoing the professional film-makers shooting their documentary aswell as recording the beautiful scenery on the way up to basecamp (and down) and once edited and produced, I’ll be showing it at a venue in or somewhere near Gateshead in November/December of which you’ll be welcome to attend.


3.     Any finally and by far the easiest, I’ll be posting a selfy of my ugly mut on Facebook in true charity, no make-up style. Its a photo I took of me after completing the Fellsman in 2007. I tripped running down one of the hills after completing just 9 miles and fell on my face. Suffice to say, I received lots of strange looks for the remaining 52 miles! (nowt different there then!!)


So, if you would like to make a donation to my charity (Save the Children) you can either take me to one side and slip me a note or two or you could go online linking onto my virgin money giving page:



Thank you all in anticipation.