Supporting Gateshead foodbank


Following on from the combination of a request from one of our members and a news article from UK Athletics re Foodbank Runs it was decided to set up a “donation” night once a month. This will be on the first Tuesday of each month. Jonathan Conlon, who is involved with Gateshead Foodbank, has agreed to collect the donations. He will bring his car into the car park for members to donate.

Gateshead Foodbank has been operating since 2012 and in 2022 they helped support  8,304 local people (5,446 adults and 2,858 children) by providing emergency food and toiletry supplies to people in financial crisis.

More information about how you can help support Gateshead Foodbank by donating food, money or by volunteering with them can also be found on their website.

Although it is important to offer whatever help we can (individually and as a club) it is also important to recognise that there may be members who are struggling and are unable to donate.  Therefore Jonathan will be parked well away from our meeting place so as not to make any member feel pressured into donating.

Also, there may be members who may need the help of Gateshead Foodbank.  Information regarding getting help can be found on the Gateshead Foodbank website.

The first “donation” night will be on Tuesday 7 February 2023, and will continue on the first Tuesday of each month.