Newburn Good Friday Relays 2017

Friday 14th saw another year of the Newburn Goof Friday relays. For me this was my first one. As a fairly new member to Saltwell Harriers I am just starting to get in to taking part in events and representing the club as part of the team. This was my second relays race and It was a great feeling to be part of it.


I woke up on the morning a little nervous but managed to still have some breakfast. The weather seemed pleasant, not to hot, not too cold. I headed over early and spotted some of the club already there also nice an early. We chatted, discussed the route and I funnily almost lost track that I had to get ready for the first leg while chatting about tattoos with Mark Shaverin. This did help block out the nerves. The nerves however vanished as soon as the starting whistle was blown.


The Newburn relays are located at the Newburn Riverside Business Park, Lemington. The route is 2.2 miles running 2 different loops at the back of the business park buildings including flat road and pavement surfaces. As a club we had 6 teams of 3 ladies group and 4 teams of 4 in the men’s group. Each of us where allocated our running leg position for the race. I was running the first leg in my team. Having practised running the 2.2 miles as fast I could I was expecting about 17 min 30 on the day but managed to get just over a minute faster. The adrenaline on the day and the buzz and support during the race will have played part in this faster than expected time.


After I finished running my leg I headed over to where the team where standing which was an ideal spot centre of the route Here we could cheer for the runners at their half way point and at their finish point as the route as the route drew back on itself for the finish line. The atmosphere was positive and supportive. Everyone ran their best and it was great to hear of some PB times achieved amongst the team. The hard work that everyone had put in was rewarded by some delicious cake that Linda Gerute baked and very well deserved.


Tanya Velho