Member Profile – Janis Oliver

janisOI was watching TV in 2014 and it happened to be GNR day. I felt totally inspired watching the runners.
I couldn’t even run for the bus and had been overweight all my adult life but had recently lost 5.5 stone a year previously. I’d put some wright back on so decided there and then that i would enter GNR 2015 ballot… buy some trainers in the new year… and follow a couch to 30 minutes program.
I really struggled in January 2015 when I did session one of my 12 weeks and I thought “what have I done ? I’ll never be able to run even a minute without struggling….. why am i even bothering ?”.
It was that voice in my head…. stubborness .. and sheer determination that saw me struggle to walk and run GNR 2015… then I’d already got the running bug.
I battled through injuries and started training fresh January 2016. Several 10k races and running the full 13.1 miles of GNR 2016 I was hungry for more challenges. I’d joined Saltwell Harriers in June 2016 and gone from strength to strength.
My confidence… discipline and general muscle development made me ready for the next challenge. I jumped right out my comfort zone and joined the XC team at the harrier league.
Each fixture is a struggle but I enjoy the sense of achievement and overcoming my weaknesses.
I still suffer from an old horse riding injury in my hip but it just makes me more driven to get stronger and fitter…. bring on 2017 races !!