Cross Country Season


The club will soon need to enter runners for the North East Harrier League – the local cross country league, which includes entry in to 6 fixtures from October-April, and the one-off cup fixture, the Sherman Cup (Men) and Davidson Shield (Women). If you are new to cross country – there is some information up on our website and the new season dates can also be found at Also – chat to any of the more experienced members at the club.We had a great season last season with both teams promoted from the 3rd to the 2nd divisions and we would love to get as many people out running as possible.


If you would like to be entered in to the Harrier League, please use the website members area and click on ‘Join’ for the 2016/17 cross country season. The captains will then use this list to enter people. If you could do this by no later than Friday 23rd September, this will allow the entries to be completed before the first fixture on the 1st of October.


Please note that there will not be any registrations taken on the day of the first fixture so if you want to race then please update the website before the 23rd.


As our race is the first race of the season, we are also trying to organise a recce of our course in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on emails and facebook for further information.


Couldn’t sign off as Ladies captain without one final push for cross country – give it a go…I promise you’ll love it! Or if you don’t…I promise you, there’ll be cake at the end.