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Want to get into running?

Running is a fantastic way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, boost your mood, and maintain overall health. Whether you’re new to running or looking to get back into it, here’s a beginner’s guide to help you start and stay motivated: 1. Get the Right Gear Invest in a good pair of running shoes that provide […]


The importance of stretching before and after a run

Dynamic stretching before a run is important for several reasons: Reducing the risk of injury: Stretching before a run helps to prepare your muscles and joints for the physical activity you’re about to undertake. This can help to reduce the risk of injury by increasing flexibility, improving range of motion, and reducing muscle stiffness. Improving […]

Winter Running

Top tips for staying fit this winter

Winter can be a real challenge to some runners. Fewer daylight hours means more running in the dark for many, which can sap motivation and be particularly difficult for female runners running alone. Icy roads and snow can pose a safety risk too, especially if you are wearing incorrect footwear for the conditions. The treadmill is an option if you happen to be a member of a local gym, but it can be monotonous, especially when you find you are doing your regular weekly sessions on the mill. And let’s face it some runners actually dislike running in winter.


How to get a 10k PB

By Dave Hewer “I remember the days when running a sub-40 10k meant nothing!” These were the uplifting words from a long-standing member of Saltwell as we trotted along to the Angel on a dark Thursday evening. Not so encouraging for me, who considered himself a reasonably good runner but had never got near 40 […]


Ten great running routes around Gateshead

Sick of the same old running routes around Gateshead? Then check out ten of the best, all contributed by Saltwell Harriers. They offer a variety of challenge from pancake-flat (‘Count the Bridges’) to the highest point in Gateshead (‘Up and Down 10k’). If you’re new to running, these routes are a great place to start, […]

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A surprise trip

  How is your training going? How are your injuries? Sound familiar? Welcome to the runners conversation. These questions are usually followed by… fine, just need to improve my stamina and run more miles, stretch more etc and… well I have this tight hamstring, calf, knee, leg, back, a bit of a niggle… the list […]