View From The Ridge


Well what do you know Fred has a Blog (that’s what I have been advised to call it!) biographical web log: a type of diary (=record of what someone does each day) on a website that is changed regularly, to give the latest news. The page usually contains someone’s personal opinions, comments, and experiences.


Being away from home for some time now I thought you may be missing me, So I am going to keep in touch via The InterWeb.


The plan is to post a few thoughts, observations and general chat. The good thing about this is you choose To Read or Not to Read that is the question! But hopefully it will be worth a few moments of your time.


So this being the first installment I think the best way to start will be just like a training session –Start slow Get warmed up then build up the pace!


Since it is going to be a regular feature I thought a title is required and given my current location in West Cumbria where I am spoilt for choice of great ridge runs  (when work allows)  Hence the title View From the Ridge (well I like it)


With the Light nights well underway, I would encourage all not to miss the opportunity to plan an evening run, Get together, fill a car or a bus! Get out there to the beach, the hills, you choose, somewhere different no pressure steady pace enjoy the Run.


Speak Soon Fred


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