Saltwell Harriers Fell Race

Date & time: Tue 5th Jul 2016 at 19:30
Country: England
Region: Northumberland / Durham
Category: BS
Distance: 9km / 5.6m
Climb: 300m / 984ft
Venue: On B6278, two miles north of Stanhope, Co Durham.
Grid ref: 996416
Skills & experience: PM
Minimum age: 18
Contact Information

Keith Wood
24 Long Bank, Wrekenton, Gateshead, NE9 7HH
0191 4875867

Previous Results and Map

Edinburgh Marathon Race Report

edinburghThis is it, all those hours of running will get you to the end, that was my last thought as I left the hotel.  The day hadn’t started off very well, only I could stay in a hotel which didn’t have any porridge, thankfully second choice of fried egg sandwich was on the menu.


All those hours of running and days of carb loading were about to be put to the test, I’d received an overwhelming number of messages of support leading up to the day so mentally I was ready to take on the challenge of completing my first marathon.


Nervous toilet stop out of the way, next challenge was to find the only hoop doing the run, “Naz”, came the shout as I made my way to the starting pen, I breathed a sigh of relief, I really didn’t fancy doing the run on my own. “Right then, we can do this”, that was the last thing Lisa and I said to each other before we had the 10 second count down and we were off.


The pre run talk of ‘taking it easy’ and ‘not going off too quickly’ didn’t go to plan, within a couple of miles we settled into our routine of putting the world to right, it wasn’t long before the pre run hydrating had caught up with us both so after a quick pit stop we were back on our way.
Support along the way was as expected, lots of shouts and encouragement, we even managed to get a “C’mon Sunderland”, naturally I corrected them with a short sharp, “It’s Hoops”.
Halfway point came and went without any issues, only point of note was a gentlemen of the orient variety running in his flip flops, so much for paying out a fortune on expensive trainers.


Around mile 18 the course loops back on itself and takes you through the grounds of a manor house, this was for me the hardest section of the race and the one where I struggled the most. I wasn’t alone; we passed two ladies one of who had totally lost the will to carry on, her running partner was having none of it and did her best to dissuade her from giving up.


We were soon back on the road and I got back to enjoying myself, this section of the course had lots of people cheering and shouting, my most memorable shout came from a very unlikely source. A little girl no older than 4 was sat by the roadside and came out with words that will stay with me for ever, “you can do it and you will do it”, I’m not going to lie, I welled up.


Before long we’d reached the 20 mile mark, “two park runs, that’s all we’ve got left”, by this time my legs had started to cramp up, what we needed was another boost. Mile 23 came the shout that provided that boost, “park run to go saltwell, it’s no different to running your Gateshead park run”, it was exactly what we needed.


Mile 24 I cramped up and had to slow right down, I told Lisa to carry on, I’d come too far to stop now and wasn’t going to let this stop me, thankfully cramp came and went so I slowly made my way back and caught up her, “Hiya”.


Then it came, the second shout that will stay with me for ever, somewhere in the region of 20 ish runners/supporters from the North East, “HOOPS!!!!, C’mon Saltwell”. I am not going to lie, I welled up again, Lisa ended up struggling to breathe fighting back the tears meanwhile I cramped up again.


The shout was enough for both of us to up our pace and race to the finish line, and there it was the finish line, arms raised we crossed together with the biggest smiles.


It’s a sensation that’s up there with the birth of my kids, what an experience, to top it off both Lisa and I had managed to complete our first Marathon in less than 4 ½ hours without stopping.


I owe a lot of gratitude to many individuals; I’m not going to mention any names but you know who you are, most of all to Lisa for being bullied into doing the Marathon and then going on to take part and completing it with me.


Yetholm Race Results

Below are the results from the Yetholm Fell race which took place this weekend and is also part of the Fell Series. Well done to Keith, Jim and David who competed.
Next up in the series is Windy Gyle on 19/06.


FinishPosition Surname Firstname Club RunnerCategory FinishTime
1 Tullie Doug HBT M 01:08:31
2 Whitlie Srewart Carnethy M50 01:12:56
3 Marshall Brian Haddington M40 01:15:29
4 Stewart Ian Westerlands M 01:16:55
5 Cox Andrew Moorfoot M 01:17:25
6 Andrew Mike Carnethy M 1:21:34
7 Williams Colin Moorfoot M 01:22:04
8 Short Kenny Border Tri M50 01:22:27
9 Simpson Peter Carnegie M50 01:23:09
10 Fletcher Adam Alnwick M50 01:24:20
11 Wood Keith Saltwell Harriers M50 01:25:08
12 Murray Keith Teviotdale Harriers M50 01:25:11
13 Pendrich Neil Carnethy M40 01:25:16
14 King Steven Carnegie M40 01:25:32
15 Duff John NFR M50 01:25:50
16 McCall Tim Norham M50 01:26:43
17 McGovern Michael Moorfoot M40 01:26:52
18 Hart Al HBT M40 01:26:57
19 Rowland Ian Dunbar RC M50 01:27:27
20 Tullie John Teviotdale Harriers M50 01:27:56
21 Dougal Darin Moorfoot M40 01:29:38
22 Thompson Jim Saltwell Harriers M40 01:30:37
23 Curtis Lee Dunbar RC M40 01:30:42
24 Rooney Edmund Lauderdale M50 01:30:53
25 McMullan George Norham M40 01:32:01
26 Skea Christopher Moorfoot M 01:32:03
27 Morozzo John U/A M40 01:32:41
28 Cruickshanks Ross U/A M 01:33:06
29 Simkin Steven Carnethy M40 01:33:15
30 Bain Emma NFR F40 01:33:46
31 Shepherd Robert U/A M 01:35:40
32 Anderson Laurie Lomond HR M50 01:36:33
33 Kirby Richard Morpeth M 01:37:33
34 Milligan Dougie Solway M60 01:38:04
35 McDonald Scott Moorfoot M40 01:38:35
36 Hartree Mark Carnethy M40 01:41:00
37 Davie Kevin Carnegie M 01:43:52
38 Latham Mark NFR M50 01:48:12
39 Lawrence Will NFR M50 01:49:16
40 Best Sally Carnethy F 01:50:46
41 Sleggs Paul U/A M 01:51:31
42 Stevenson Kevin Gala Harriers M50 01:51:32
43 Davidson Stephen U/A M50 01:57:03
44 McAdam Sarah U/A F 01:17:50
45 Clough Steve Norham M60 01:18:24
46 McAdam Pauline Teviotdale Harriers F60 02:00:59
47 Hunter Bill Border Tri M60 02:01:38
48 Smithard Phil Carnegie M60 02:02:04
49 Lockie Paul Teviotdale Harriers M40 02:04:29
50 Khursheed Amjad Mossley Hill M50 02:05:24
51 Fleming Morna Carnegie F60 02:07:14
52 Macdonell David U/A M50 02:07:52
53 Gilthorpe David Saltwell Harriers M50 02:07:58
54 Slater Malcolm NFR M50 02:13:55
55 Adamson George North Sheilds M60 02:24:46
56 Birch Frank Teviotdale Harriers M70 02:38
57= Grimsditch Kate U/A F 02:43:34
57= King Shelagh Gala Harriers F60 02:43:34


Mens Captains Race

Hi all,
For this years mens captains race I have chosen the Red Kite trail race on Sunday July 3rd.
The race starts at 10am from Dipton community centre, DH9 9DR, the cost is £4 and the race is a hilly 8 mile trail race which quite a few of our runners having run the route with some of the Derwent Valley runners and they say it is a great route.
Entries are by the S.I. entries website which you’ll have to log in to if not already signed up and they close on June 24th though I’m told entries on the day will be allowed.
So go on people sign up for this local, new trail race even if you’ve never ran off road before.