Carrock Fell Race 19th March 2017

This Sunday see’s the first race in this years fell race series – Carrock Fell in the Lake District.
It’s around 5.5 miles and is a great introduction for anyone new to fell running. It starts at 11am and is only £4 to enter (pay on day).
More details
Hoping to see a good Saltwell turnout.

Bob Graham Round Blog 4

I’d love to say that since my last post that all my niggles have gone and I’m able to fully commit myself to getting back into training but unfortunately it hasn’t quite worked out that way.


My Asthma test came back negative and my chest pain is almost gone. I haven’t had any


Spring Series 2017

Spring Series 2017:                     

This year’s Spring Series is:

1 April                 Sunderland

8 April                 South Shields

15 April              Rising Sun

22 April              Gibside

29 April              Whitley Bay

6 May                 Gateshead


Rules for the competion –  You need to be a member of Saltwell Harriers at the time of the race and wear your Saltwell vest.  To remain in the competition members need


Bob Graham Round Blog 3

Well Rohan Keaton reckons that life is a rollercoaster and it certainly feels like that at the minute. The past few months have been a combination of having some decent races and runs  but at the same time fighting off ailments left right and centre.
I ran 1-17 the brass monkey but to be honest


Member Profile – Janis Oliver

I was watching TV in 2014 and it happened to be GNR day. I felt totally inspired watching the runners.
I couldn’t even run for the bus and had been overweight all my adult life but had recently lost 5.5 stone a year previously. I’d put some wright back on so decided there and then


Member Profile – Davey Candlish

I ran my first half marathon when I was 12 years old.

It was in the early days of the Great North Run and they didn’t have health and safety back then, never mind a junior run.
My Dad (who ran with the now defunct Gateshead Congas back in the day) just dropped me on the


Fell Series 2017

We have our own internal Fell Race Series the format of which is the same as last year. Men to complete 4 races – short, medium & long plus another.
Best position to count. Women to do 4 races – two short and two medium. The long races don’t count in the womens series. However,


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