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Well Rohan Keaton reckons that life is a rollercoaster and it certainly feels like that at the minute. The past few months have been a combination of having some decent races and runs  but at the same time fighting off ailments left right and centre.
I ran 1-17 the brass monkey but to be honest


Member Profile – Janis Oliver

I was watching TV in 2014 and it happened to be GNR day. I felt totally inspired watching the runners.
I couldn’t even run for the bus and had been overweight all my adult life but had recently lost 5.5 stone a year previously. I’d put some wright back on so decided there and then


Member Profile – Davey Candlish

I ran my first half marathon when I was 12 years old.

It was in the early days of the Great North Run and they didn’t have health and safety back then, never mind a junior run.
My Dad (who ran with the now defunct Gateshead Congas back in the day) just dropped me on the


Fell Series 2017

We have our own internal Fell Race Series the format of which is the same as last year. Men to complete 4 races – short, medium & long plus another.
Best position to count. Women to do 4 races – two short and two medium. The long races don’t count in the womens series. However,


Bob Graham Round Blog 2

So it’s finally 2017 and the countdown has begun, 24 weeks until the big day. Xmas and up to new year went pretty well, I was able to get up to the Cheviots, Roman Wall & Pennines as well as a few hilly runs round Beamish – around 120 miles & 20,000ft of ascent


Headforts and Headaches race report

What better to start the year than a 3 mile fell race! When I looked at the route the day before I was slightly surprised that the race was just the uphill and you had to jog or walk the 3 miles back to the start whether you liked it or not!
Fear not, the


Bob Graham Round Blog

Next year (2017) on 23rd June I will be 42.
Nothing particularly significant about that you may think, until a number of other factors are taken into consideration:

In June 1932 a Keswick guest-house owner named Bob Graham broke the Lakeland fell record by traversing 42 fells within a 24 hour period.
He was 42 when he


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